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NFANT™ Technology A SMART Approach To Infant Feeding Disorders

CCB Research Group is developing NFANT™ Technology. Basically, we are making a medical device that allows a normal pacifier or bottle to become a SMART pacifier or bottle. NFANT™ Pacifer & Bottle non-invasively takes measuresments on how the infant is sucking on the nipple and relays that information to a mobile device. This information may allow clinicians to better understand when an infant is ready to transition from tube feeding to feeding on their own in the Neonatal ICU.

Trying to feed an infant when they are not ready can introduce serious complications such as apnea (stopped breathing), aspiration (fluid in the lungs) and bradycardia (slowed heart). This increases stress and delays discharge for premature infants in the Neonatal ICU.

Unfortunately, 40 to 70% of all preterm infants experience complications when trying to transition towards independant oral feeding. These complications cause delays ranging anywhere from 2 to 45 days at a cost of $2,000 to $6,000 per day. Decreasing the average length of stay in the Neonatal ICU by just 2 days is estimated to save the U.S. Healthcare system nearly $2 Billion, annually.

The recently patented NFANT™ Technology may provide a simple solution to provide clinicians with the information they need to help get infants out of the Neonatal ICU and home to their families.

What Is NFANT™ Technology?

NFANT™ Technology is a Simple-Easy-Inexpensive way to combat a Complex & Costly problem.

  • Mobile Device Display

    NFANT™ utilizes low-energy Bluetooth communication and connects to any mobile device. Results are displayed in real-time for clinical evaluation. This drastically drives down cost, reduces the footprint for a Neonatal ICU and allows NFANT™ to be 100% portable.

  • Easy Assembly & Use

    NFANT™ is designed to be used by a nurse and is simple:
    1) Push a nipple onto one end of the NFANT™ Coupling & screw on a bottle at the other end if feeding
    2) Snap in the reusable electronics
    3) Let the infant suck or feed like normal
    4) Dispose the plastic NFANT™ Coupling

  • Patient Outcome Database

    NFANT™ leverages the power of data & metrics to help clinicians make informed decisions by assessing infants in comparison to others. Progress of infants through feeding transition can be tracked helping navigation of an optimal carepath